The 15-Minute Marriage Challenge

Take the 15-Minute Marriage Challenge

Do you wish you had more time to spend with your spouse? If you’d like to feel more connected in your marriage, begin by taking the 15-Minute Marriage Challenge .

The Fifteen-Minute Marriage Challenge

Google the 15-Minute Challenge and you will find it for workouts, reading plans, cleaning, and creating art. Our brains like to think we can do anything in 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes allow us the opportunity to focus intently on a goal for a short burst of time

What would it look like to focus on your spouse for 15- minutes a day?

Just 15-minutes a day of uninterrupted, undistracted time with your spouse goes a long way in staying connected.

My mind is always looking for ways to shake it up. I get bored easily, and my creative personality conjures up some fun ways I can keep my end of our marriage vibrant. Here are a few ideas:

15-Minute Marriage Challenge Ideas

  1. Develop a morning ritual as you part for the day:

Ten seconds can seem like a long time when you’re kissing. Set the timer on your phone and lock lips until it goes off. You’ll discover it is a great way to start  your day!

This morning ritual, at most, is  45 seconds.
  1. Start an Evening Ritual:

Most husbands or wives are overextended throughout the day. When they come home, there are often more duties that need to be done. It can be easy to forget about the one person that should be the most important to you. It’s not that you are really forgetting them, you just aren’t making them a priority.

  1. Communicate daily.

Communication is vital to a connected marriage. Taking 15-minutes a day to talk about even the little things paves the way to discuss the big things.

When you stop talking about the little things, you lose the ability to talk about the big things in your marriage.~ Sheila Wray Gregoire

Share with each other something that went good today. If something wacky happened, share why you thought it was wacky.

A question that guarantees connection is to ask “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Check these links for  great conversation starters:  Love Honor and Vacuum; All Pro Dad; Gary Thomas.

4.   Read books together about marriage.

With all the books on marriage out there, invest the time into yours by reading aloud or (listening to) a couple of books a year. Commit to spend 15-minutes several times a week (or listen to on commute time or trips) learning how to improve your marriage.

We prefer books that have discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Last year we read together No More Perfect Marriages by Mark & Jill Savage and Awaken Love by Ruth Buezis. 

Marriage is about growing. To keep it alive, it is important to continue to learn and grow together.

Katherine provides a review of several books on marriage in her blog Yoked. 

5.  Date.

At the beginning of each month, take 15-Minutes to look at your calendars and plan at least two date times. Rotate turns planning and taking care of the details (like babysitter, reservations…) We’ve discovered a digital date night source that gives great ideas for connection and conversation.

6.  Create a Love Nest.
We tell couples that their bedroom is for two activities:  Sleep and sex.

If your bedroom is the catchall for laundry, bills, papers or projects, studies show that clutter increases anxiety and sleeplessness. Not to mention inhibiting  your sex life.

Follow the six steps offered in Take the 15-Minute Challenge and clean your bedroom!   Don’t know where to start? First,

Make your bed every morning.  Since your bed is the dominant feature in your bedroom, a made bed will make your whole room feel orderly. Bonus: This task takes less than two minutes. ~. Sarah Giller Nelson

7.  Sex.

Those 10- and 15-second kiss experiments  can be a gateway to the bedroom.

How much time does it take? Try looking at the clock before and after the fact. You will be amazed to see how just a few minutes of sexual intimacy can leave you feeling incredibly connected.

Take 15-a-day to connect with your spouse. Your marriage will show the difference!


Which 15-Minute idea do you plan to try this week?

How can you improve your daily communication?

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