Keep Those Romantic Fires Burning

Marriage proposals can be one of the most romantic things ever. It bothers me that once a couple marries, romance tends to fizzle.

The marriage proposal should set the stage for a romantic marriage.

On a recent trip to Venice, we saw a  woman peeking around a wall, snapping a picture and giggling. Our curious eyes tracked what she was spying on. Off the beaten path, on a beautiful Italian spring day, beside a small canal and in front of a flowering purple wisteria, we witnessed romance at its finest!

There the guy was, on bended knee, holding his lady’s hand. Tears were streaming down her delighted face. Privy to this special occasion, we cheered when he stood up to give her a kiss and hug, assuming she said YES! (Dennis captured the kiss on camera.)

Ahhh! *the way only women can say it*

The website How He Asked offers many ideas of finding just the unique proposal:

Finding creative marriage proposal ideas is tough and a truly great marriage proposal can be very hard to think of. You want to be original. You don’t want to over do it. You want her to say yes (and cry a lot).

I love, love, love romance. I am blessed to have a husband who romances me still.

How can the romantic gestures and dates continue AFTER the marriage?

Heather Havrilesky  describes what true romance is like in her marriage of 10 years:

 So don’t let anyone tell you that marriage is comfortable and comforting but not romantic. …But when it’s 10 p.m. and you crawl into bed like two old people and tell each other about the weird things that your kids said that day and laugh and tell stupid jokes and giggle and then maybe you feel like making out or maybe you just feel like playing a quick game of Candy Crush, all the while saying things like, “This game is stupid, it sucks” and “Your feet are freezing” and “My *butt* hurts,” that’s romantic. …You savor the repetitive, deliciously mundane rhythms of survival, and you want to keep surviving. You want to muddle through the messiness of life together as long as you possibly can. That is the summit. Savor it. That is the very definition of romance.

After 40+ years of marriage, Dennis and I have a few ideas  on how to keep romance alive.

How to Keep Romance Alive  After Marriage

  1.    Make it a priority.
  2.    Take turns planning dates.
  3.    Communicate to each other what romance looks like to you.
  4.    Let it be a regular habit instead of a holiday on the calendar.
  5.   On slips of paper, write out date ideas you’d like to try (away or    at home).  Place them in a jar to pull out for those times when the  two of you can’t decide where to go or what to do.
  6.  Simple ideas are romantic. But still go for over-the-top  on special occasions.

A romantic tradition Dennis and I share is celebrating our anniversary at the same restaurant every year. Rose petals on the table. A photo is taken of us and placed in a card signed by the staff. “Happy Anniversary”  written in chocolate on the dessert plate.


Saying “I do,” was the easy part.

 Can you recreate a gesture of romance that will cause your spouse to have the same reaction as when you proposed?

To keep the romantic fires aglow, reading the Song of Solomon together is a great place to begin. Then have fun acting out the romantic ideas suggested!

What are ways you keep the romance alive in your marriage?

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for love is strong as death,
    passion fierce as the grave..



2 thoughts on “Keep Those Romantic Fires Burning”

  1. Debbie – brilliant as always! I’m still waiting for my proposal after 46 years. But it can also be a funny thing when Jack and I see a proposal on TV or the internet and we say “oh that’s the same way you did it Jack.” LOL!

    Thanks for always have a ‘now word’ for our marriage. I’m going to forward this to Jack now. Maybe he’ll get the hint and someday I might just get that ‘proper proposal’! 🙂

    1. Sharolyn, I’m still waiting for my proposal too! Dennis and I just knew we were to be married!Keep the romance alive, you two!

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