Priorities Reveal What Your Heart Treasures

What are your priorities?  Someone once said, Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and time, and I’ll tell you what they are. What does your calendar and your bank statements say about your values? Priorities Reveal the Heart Do not store up for yourselves [material] treasures on earth, where … Continue reading Priorities Reveal What Your Heart Treasures

How to Make Your Wife Feel Cherished

In his book, Cherish, Gary Thomas breaks down the meaning of the wedding vows many married couples have repeated to one another.  To love and to cherish ’till death do us part are what every couple expects to do when they say I do.  If husbands want to feel treasured, it is fair to say … Continue reading How to Make Your Wife Feel Cherished

Send Off and Seal the Day Right

Morning send-offs and bedtime rituals are two of the most critical times in your child’s day.  This new school year is a perfect time to establish positive Send off and Seal rituals with your child so they feel loved as they begin and end their day. Send-Off with Love Every child has an emotional love tank, … Continue reading Send Off and Seal the Day Right

Technology and Parenting

In his book, The Tech-Wise Family, Andy Crouch reveals that parents list technology and social media as the #1 reason they think parenting is more complicated than it has ever been before. Raising Children in a Technologically Driven World Zachary Stark, Executive Pastor at our church, presented a message a few weeks ago I think … Continue reading Technology and Parenting

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