5 Simple Tips to Develop a Daily Quiet Time with Jesus

15 Minute Challenge to Develop a Daily Quiet Time

Do you feel the nudge to have a daily quiet time with Jesus, but don’t know how or think you have the time?  Begin by taking this 15 minute challenge to develop a daily quiet time.

Daily Quiet Time with Jesus

I’m a coffee lover – black and strong—and my morning starts off better with it (Hubby and kids agree). For as long as I can remember, my daily quiet time meant coffee in one hand and my Bible in the other.

One morning I had an especially hard time waking up. As I sat in my favorite chair in the corner of my bedroom where I enjoy my morning coffee, I sipped the steaming cuppa joe and lay my head back and closed my eyes..

Jesus and I often have conversations, but I’m usually the one talking.

In my half-asleep state I heard Him say:

It thrills me to see you enjoy coffee so much. You know I created that for your enjoyment, right? I love watching you wake up, yawning and stretching. I delight in You.

Then I heard the most curious song: John Denver’s “Come Let Me Love You (Annie’s Song).”

Music speaks to me. Since my Creator knows me very well, He speaks to me the way I understand.

Come let me love you, let me give my life to you,…..

Wow! Jesus was singing this song to me (in John Denver’s voice!).

This Divine surprise convicted me that  I can be so busy trying to plan my day, writing down everything I need to do (so I can check it off when it is completed) that my “quiet” time with Jesus isn’t exactly that.

For a relationship to become an intimate one, it requires regular quality time.

If I spent the time my husband and I are together selfishly talking and planning what I need to get done, our relationship would be disconnected and strained.

Developing a regular time in the Word and prayer is crucial to growing in your faith and relationship with Jesus. I learned in my young adult life to establish this discipline that has now become my lifeline.

When my kids were younger (and awake at 0-dark-thirty), I had my daily quiet time when they were watching their favorite morning children’s program. (Sesame Street or Barney.)  The rule was that Mom could not be disturbed unless it involved blood or lack of consciousness.

(Just for the record, they were always in my sight.)

15 Minutes in His Presence

Fifteen minutes in His presence, listening to His love songs to me is becoming my favorite way to enjoy my morning coffee. This morning I heard him sing the chorus of Olivia Newton-John’s “I Honestly Love You.”

And I honestly believe He  does.

Some of you may think Jesus sings only hymns. Maybe. But I believe if He can speak through nature and donkeys, then He can speak through movie lines, pop music or any of the arts.

Want to develop a  daily quiet time?

Take the 15-Minute Mornings with Jesus Challenge

  1. Be intentional.

Decide to begin every day with 15 minutes of alone time. Choose a comfortable spot to be quiet. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee, tea, or glass of water. You may prefer to walk or jog as your quiet time. Whatever method is best for you, I believe God speaks your language and knows best how to speak in a way you understand.

  1. Challenge yourself.

If you don’t think you can possibly devote 15 minutes of quiet before beginning your day, let me remind you–this is a challenge. Challenge yourself to try it for 7 days. Then honestly evaluate how your day has gone and if you feel closer to Jesus.

  1. Set the timer for 15 minutes–

–So you won’t lose track of time. It is helpful for me to start with  2 minutes of silence, taking  deep breaths—inhale, then exhale. Your mind will wander. What works for me is to say “Jesus” slowly as I breathe in and out.

  1. Have a plan.

There are many devotional plans to choose from. I highly recommend the YouVersion bible app. It has a verse of the day and a variety of  topics to choose from. Each day’s plan has a short reading linked with scripture passages. Most end with a question you can ponder.

Some of my favorite short devotionals are Our Daily Bread. , and Jesus Calling.

  1. Journal .

Quickly write down what you hear Jesus say to you. If my mind is swirling with thoughts, I find it helps to brain dump–writing down all that is bothering me, or what I’m thinking about.

Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God. ~ Psalm 46:10 TPT

God already knows what’s on your mind–it just helps clear our head to dump the thoughts onto paper.

Some mornings, my 15 minutes is spent reading back over my “Coffee with Jesus” notes. I’m always encouraged by the loving words He’s spoken to me in the past. In a way, it’s like receiving love letters from heaven.

I dare you to take the 15 Minute Morning with Jesus Challenge. Let it become a daily habit you won’t ever want to break.

Just maybe you’ll hear a love song….


Which devotional plan will you plan to use in your daily quiet time?
How does God speak to you in a way you understand?
After taking this 15 Minute Challenge for 7 days, do you see a difference?
Check out this  rap  about daily quiet time.

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