God is in the Waiting

The four-hour delay to board our plane for an eleven hour flight back to familiar surroundings appeared to be yet another lesson in waiting. Does anyone else get the idea that all of life is a group of seasons labeled


At every place that requires us to get to one place to the next, there is a waiting room or line. Whether in a doctor’s office, a market check-out, a restaurant, airport or train station, or stalled bumper to bumper traffic, it involves waiting our turn to proceed forward.

And. That. Requires. Patience.

Deep breath and slow exhale.

My hasty, “I must do it now” mindset has slowed as I make a choice to be more patient and wait on God. I thought my responsibility was to stay busy, helping God move sooner, because He always took too long with His answers.

After all,


Why in God’s holy name do I think He needs me to protect His reputation?

As hilarious as this is—I imagine He is falling off His throne laughing at my puny efforts to corral His sovereignty and omniscience—many of us want to help Him out when He doesn’t respond quickly to our requests.

When, God, When?

We live for and want instant gratification. We want it quick, and snap to it, we want it NOW!

Waiting rooms can be hard classrooms, so what lessons can we learn?

Waiting Room Lessons

  1. God is in the Waiting.

His purpose for the delay may not be clear right now.  He promises

[He] works and acts in behalf of the one who [gladly] waits for Him. Isaiah 64:4

As hard as it is, waiting is not wasted time.  This “staying still” puts us in the posture of hearing what God wants to say to us.

While we actively wait, (help me Lord to wait gladly), He is working and acting on our behalf. Even if it  seems God is moving as slow as a slug…

 2.  Waiting has a purpose.

God wants to use this loooong pause to prepare us for what comes next.

In this waiting room, we are in good company:

  • Moses waited 40 years in the wilderness.
  • Joseph waited 13 years to emerge from the waiting room-– 7 of those years in prison.
  • Jesus waited 30 years to show Himself.

A major point of this season for me, personally,  is understanding that God wants my marriage to be just the way He originally designed it. I’m choosing to surrender my heart to the all-knowing Master Surgeon to cut off or prune  areas that prevent me from being the wife and help meet my husband needs.

  1.  Trust the Waiting process.

God wants to use this time to sift our motives and strengthen our faith. When we plant a garden, waiting is crucial. We plant a seed. We water it.

And we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

That extra 4-hour delay in Germany made the actual 11-hour flight time home seem eternal. Yet, this wait was beyond our control. We couldn’t get back to our familiar surroundings any sooner. And, what good would impatience serve?

We had no choice but to trust the airline’s reason for the delay.

How well do you wait?

Do you believe God is in the Waiting?

The Psalmist encourages us to

Wait patiently for the Lord.
Be brave and courageous.
Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

My prayer is that your heart takes courage and your soul stays steadfast in the waiting.  God is in the waiting—and He’s never-failing!

For further encouragement, please listen to this recently released song by Kristene DiMarco.

He’s in the Waiting,


Photo credit:Matthew Henry @unsplash.com



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  1. Monica Aleixo

    Hi Debbie,

    I really enjoy your blog. I totally can relate to the waiting for God’s timing. It’s funny, but I too like to help God move things faster, but I’m learning to let go and let God.

    May the Lord continue to bless you as you have blessed so many lives, including mine.


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