6 Word Curses that Destroy Marriages

Stop Cursing Your Marriage

Most of us know we shouldn’t use profanity and curse words. But are you aware that we are just as capable to curse our marriage with the words we speak?

What is a curse?

The concept of a curse is found throughout the Old Testament and frequently in  the New Testament. Generally, it involves a wish that “evil may befall another.” ~ Biblical Healing and Deliverance 

Kenneth Copeland offers this definition:  A curse is being empowered to fail. A blessing is being empowered to succeed.

 Curses You Speak over Your Marriage

  1.  I want a divorce.

Speaking or thinking this destructive act aligns you in agreement  with satan. He will create scenario after scenario to fuel the marriage-breaking spirit you invited with this curse.

  1.  I  want you to be or act a different way.

    You don’t appreciate your spouse’s personality or differences.

You  will never change.

He is so stubborn.

She doesn’t show me affection.

           Michael Hyatt believes differences with your spouse makes your marriage stronger. Think about it, if you married someone just like you, then

  • You wouldn’t have to grow.
  • You wouldn’t have to get out of your comfort zone.
  • You wouldn’t have to enter into someone else’s world.

Instead, differences are precisely what you need to become the person God created you to be.

  1. I’ve married the wrong person.

Psychiatrist and author Scott Haltzman, MD, says in truth  this is  correct; we all married the wrong person.

If we believe we must find the right person to marry, then the course of our marriage becomes a constant test to see if we were correct in that choice, Today’s culture does not support standing by our promises. Instead,  we receive the repeated message, “You deserve the best.” These attitudes contribute to marital dissatisfaction.

Click here to read more.

  1.  I want it MY way.


Dennis and I struggle with this one. It is so easy to put our own needs ahead of our spouse’s.

Justin Davis says marriage isn’t for selfish people.

Every marriage fights against the same enemy. If you are married you will fight this enemy today. No, this enemy isn’t your spouse…it is you. Selfishness is the greatest enemy to the marriage you desire. Your own selfishness can prevent you from having the marriage God has in mind for you.

  1.  I know best: Pride

Marriage has but one enemy—pride. It decays a marriage from the inside out. Where pride resides, intimacy cannot be found. True connection cannot be formed. Health cannot be developed. ~ Kevin Thompson

In fact, he says many are so intoxicated with themselves they are no more than highly functioning drunks. Thompson offers these three observations about how pride can destroy a marriage:

  • We may not claim to be god, but we act like one at the house.
  • We may not see ourselves as better than everyone, but we do see ourselves as better than some.
  • We may not consider ourselves above all tasks, but there are many jobs beneath us.
  1. Put-downs and sarcasm.

I’ve learned sarcasm usually stems from a much deeper issue. Most often, it is a way to cover major insecurity.

If putting down your spouse makes you feel superior, please pull back and ask yourself why you have a need to put your spouse down.

Giving criticism instead of encouragement is a way to curse your spouse/one-flesh marriage.

Your words have the power to build up your spouse or tear him/her down. When our words take on a negative tone, our marriage will take on a negative tone. Choose to be your spouse’s biggest encourager; not his/her biggest critic. Don’t nag, correct, criticize, insult or use sarcasm in a negative tone. Build each other up. ~ Dave Willis

Name-calling and put-downs have no place in any marriage.  Cursing your spouse severs the one-flesh relationship.

You might as well point your finger in God’s face and bullishly scream.”You made a huge mistake creating this one!”

Because God created this organic union of the two sexes, no one should desecrate his art by cutting them apart            ~ Jesus

If you’ve been desecrating God’s art by cursing your spouse AND your marriage, STOP IT!

Please break the curses you’ve spoken over your marriage:

I forgive (my spouse, myself) for cursing me (our marriage)  with the spoken words that ________.

I break the legal rights and powers of this curse from my life and marriage.

You are loved,


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