Do you know what  your husband wants for Christmas?

All Dennis wants, he says, is a comfy Lazy Boy recliner. Unfortunately, Santa’s price tag for that item is not within our budget this year.

We’re not big spenders at Christmas. Over the years, the best gifts he thinks  I’ve given him are the ones that need little money. But tons of creativity.

What do most husbands want for Christmas?

Dave Willis shares from a man’s perspective the 5 things a man actually  wants.  Can you guess what the first wish is?

Yep, you’re right.

It’s sex.

Let’s face it, he’d much rather undress you than unwrap anything else.

And while we’re on that topic, ladies, check out this link on how to unwrap yourself in a way that makes sure you  get hubby’s full, undivided attention!

Paul (the XY Code) helps us understand why our husband loves us in sexy undies.

When a man’s wife wears something sexy she tells him she feels good about her sexuality and about offering to share her sexuality with him. This is the primary reason men want their wives to wear the stuff. It’s an offer, a tease, a promise. It says, “I turn you on, and I know it.

Marriage 4:29 offers a thoughtful take on what  your undies say if they could talk. “What message is your underwear communicating to your spouse?”

While we are on the subject of undies , let me remind you of an Italian tradition Dennis and I adopted to celebrate the New Year. Read more about this tradition here.  Now is the time to buy those red undies to celebrate the New Year Italian-style!

Gift Ideas for Your Man

  • One year for Christmas I put together themed dress-up outfits and put them inside a large gift box. Between costumes I’d picked up from yearly Halloween costume hunts to thrift shops and yard sales, there was quite a selection.
  • Pinterest is full of creative gift ideas for your man. One I particularly like is giving a year of dates
  • This year I am putting together a 12 days of Christmas package. Every day a small wrapped package will be given to my Man. The item will represent how I’d like to plan our day or evening together. A few of the items he’ll be receiving:
    • Cozy Christmas socks
    • Flashlights
    • Deck of cards
    • Nerf Gun (re-enacting Mr, and Mrs, Smith)
    • (The details are for his eyes only, o.k.?)

If you like this idea, but know you can’t swing it until  after the holidays, how about giving the gift of 12 days of _????  ( 12 days of January, 12 days celebrating your birthday/anniversary, 12 days of Valentines etc.)?

Promise me you will  keep your end of the offer.

It’s not all about Sex


Your hubby wants your quality time. Every spouse has this same basic need. Some of the 12 Days gift idea could be simple things like a date for coffee, going to a movie of his choice or taking a walk.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying what I call mental health therapy with my gal friends.* A  teeny bit too much.*

Dennis has felt left out and ignored. I recognize I need to pull back from my gal time, so he and I can have quality time together.  I must be intentional about making choices that are best for our marriage.

During this busy season, please be aware of your husband’s need to connect and interact with YOU.

Be intentional about making time for the two of you.

It isn’t just for him. You need it too.

Your marriage requires it.

Merry Christmas y’all,



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  1. bweez

    Thanks Debbie. Sometimes I forget that I really need to spend more time on what he needs in our relationship.

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