Your Marriage: Sex-Full or Sex-Less?

Before you’re married, Satan does everything he can to get you into bed with each other. But once you’re married, he does everything he can to keep you out of bed! This is a statement we’ve read somewhere years ago.  Every couple we counsel will  hear it. Sex-Less Marriages Sadly,the amount of sex-less marriages we … Continue reading Your Marriage: Sex-Full or Sex-Less?


What am I? Arms flailing,  Fists clenched. Feet stomping. Face contorted, flushed, red with rage. Eyes narrowed, pupils dilated. Brows wrinkled. Mouth open. Growling. Baring teeth. No, it’s not  angry Dr. Bruce Banner  turning into the monster temper tantrum known as the Hulk. It’s a “fit.” A conniption. The kind we Southerners call a “hissy … Continue reading ACT YOUR AGE


Reality check! I thought we communicated words of love and kindness. Wrong!  Marriage Communication Discovery This discovery has come to light by a recent job transition.  My husband no longer leaves home to work offsite, but now works at home…. with me! We are kinder and more loving toward others than we are to the … Continue reading DO YOU FEEL THE LOVE?

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