At the end of every year, Dennis and I seek God’s words for us in the coming year. For 2016, we each heard different ones, but like our marriage, complement each other well.

BOLDNESS is what I believe I am to grow in. Dennis received  the phrase DREAM BIG; PRAY HARD. As the year unfolds, God wants to give us boldness to dream big and pray hard.

As I searched through scriptures to see what boldness might mean for me,  Daniel 11:32  describes best  what I want it to look like.

The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

 What does boldness look like to you?

Long before Star Trek,  Daniel’s life epitomized the popular show’s motto:

To boldly go where no man has gone before….

And if there was a man who understood boldness, Daniel was that man.

What does Boldness Look Like?

Understanding God wanted me to learn and live out boldness this year,  I thought back over the past few months. I am surprised to discover I have already begun, in little ways, to be bolder.

For me, boldness looks like

  • Asking for what I want in my marriage.  (Because my dear husband can not read my mind.)

But learning to know the difference between being assertive (loving), and aggressive (demanding).

I am free to ask for what I want in our marriage and express my feelings. I want to grow in assertive boldness to communicate in a way Dennis hears me.

  • Saying “NO.”

Dennis and I said “yes” to a couple of situations last year that we’ve regretted.

All the mistakes I ever made were when I wanted to say “No,” and said “Yes.” ~ Moss Hart

Do you struggle with this?

For me, it is usually a pressure to do something I really don’t want to do.  The conditions seem right. It makes perfect sense.  I know my talent or time is so needed.

Yet that inner voice, that still small voice, says “NO!”

I will boldly and courageously listen more to God’s still small voice this year.

  • Giving myself permission to be human….it’s OK to be broken.

While I understand hanging your laundry out for everyone to see (like on Facebook) isn’t wise, I know I can be real to those closest to me. I’m learning new words of affirmation to speak in times like this.

  • Stop wishing.

How many times have I said,  “I wish I had __that  .”

Wanting friendships and girlfriend time surfaced big time in me last year. I’d hear other women talk about their lunch times with friends or girl getaways. And I’d think “I wish,,,,.”

I put on my courageous big girl pants and decided to start my own monthly Lunch Bunch. I prayed for the three friends I should invite. And come to find out, they wanted this as much as I did.

Dennis and I enjoy dinner out with friends.  I’ve always wanted to start a dinner club, and stopped wishing. I organized a “Dinner for 8” with two other couples and two singles. We all enjoy cooking and have agreed to take turns hosting the meal in our homes.

  • Accepting that I am a seasoned, full of maturity Titus 2 woman. And in obedience to Titus 2, I am taking the risk that I have something to pass on to younger women.

Beginning next month, I’m mentoring  4-5 young wives and mothers around my breakfast table monthly. I bravely believe  they wlll appreciate my wisdom gained from my life experiences and long, healthy marriage.

As I venture out in a new year, I  determine to know my God more and more. By knowing Him, I believe I will gain His boldness to dream big and pray hard.

Will you join me?

 You are loved,


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