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How to Move on When an Apology Never Comes

None of us escape this life without ever being hurt or offended. We understand how necessary forgiveness is to live a healthy physical and spiritual life. But how do you move on when an apology you know needs to be made never comes? I want to make it clear:  it is never okay to let … Continue reading How to Move on When an Apology Never Comes

Bless Your Spouse’s Heart

“Bless your heart” is an expression often spoken by Southerners (like me). Adding  “sweet little” or “cotton-picking” as an adjective–depending on the circumstance–adds more to the meaning. Any Southerner knows we can soften a snide remark by adding “bless his heart.” Bless her heart, she’s not too smart , but at least she’s pretty. His … Continue reading Bless Your Spouse’s Heart

Play and Pray–Pray and Play

How H-O-P-E-F-U-L is your marriage? When was the last time you had a play date with your spouse? We’ve been addressing the seven practices of long, lasting marriages using the acrostic HOPEFUL. This week we will look at the letter “P.”  Play and pray together.  A family who prays together, stays together. A study conducted by … Continue reading Play and Pray–Pray and Play