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Mama, You Are Enough

Mama, what defines you? Who are you when what you are known for is stripped away?  The thought “I’m not good enough” resonates with many of us. This lie doesn’t respect gender, ethnicity, economic status or age. But Mamas—mothers—tend to embrace this lie the most.  Hear me, Mama, You Are Enough. “You Are Not Enough” … Continue reading Mama, You Are Enough

15 Minute Challenge to Develop a Daily Quiet Time

Do you feel the nudge to have a daily quiet time with Jesus, but don’t know how or think you have the time?  Begin by taking this 15 minute challenge to develop a daily quiet time. Daily Quiet Time with Jesus I’m a coffee lover – black and strong—and my morning starts off better with … Continue reading 15 Minute Challenge to Develop a Daily Quiet Time

What Story Does Your Marriage Tell?

Every marriage tells its own story. What story does yours tell? My husband, Dennis, and I make it a habit of reading books on marriage together. Attending a marriage course or workshop annually and reading (or listening) to books on improving our marriage are keys to our classic marriage. Currently we are listening* to You … Continue reading What Story Does Your Marriage Tell?

Agree to Disagree

Families gathering for the holidays may represent the current mood that is present in our nation. Our country is in a time of disunity, disharmony and disagreement. Opinions of racial tensions, lifestyle intolerance and differences of political and religious views abound. If Jesus commands us to be the light in dark places, what does this … Continue reading Agree to Disagree