My gift giving list is almost checked off. Early on in our marriage Dennis and I made sure Santa was notified and paid in full well before December 24.

We prefer peace and joy over busy and hectic.

When it comes to receiving gifts from my husband, I’ve finally learned how to  receive what I need or want. And Dennis sighs in relief,  because the dilemma of gift buying  is solved.

Unless you married one who picks up on every single hint you drop *and we don’t want to know if you are*, then I want to offer some ideas we’ve used.

Your Spouse is not a Mind-Reader

Trust me. I know all about this.

Dropping hints. Putting emphasis on certain wishes. Batting your eyelashes when you talk about it.

Doesn’t. Work.

Yes, I’ve gotten a few, unexpected, delightful surprise gifts from my husband. But generally, he appreciates that I tell or show him EXACTLY what I’d like.

 Be Santa’s Administrative Assistant

  1. If you see a gift you’d like in the newspaper sales circulars, cut out the picture of it. Follow these steps:
  • Paste it to a sheet of paper.
  • Write the size and color (if needed ).
  • Write the name of the store that has the gift. (I’m OK to even program the GPS to the store.)
  • Add several gifts from different sales ads, if you wish
  • If there is a gift budget, prioritize the gifts in order, with the chance you’ll get what you really wanted.

2.   When our son was a newly wed, his gift shopping creativity                       sparkled.

  • He asked our daughter-in-love to go pick out what she wanted from different stores and have the sales person hold it behind the counter.
  • Information about the store and– *this is important* –department where gifts were held was given to him when his wife finished.
  • He then played Santa. Although she thought he’d purchase just one gift, he ended up buying all that she’d put on hold.  Because he was NEWLY wed.
  1. Dennis has done something similar. One Cyber Monday, he asked me to go to my favorite online site and add the items I wanted into the shopping cart. He then took care of the “Checkout” payment and ordering.

Easy peasy. Happy wife, happy life.

  1. Ask for gift cards to particular stores. You get more for your buck because of all the after-Christmas and end-of-year sales.

5.   Let your fingers do the walking. Most stores have online websites        with “Wish Lists.” Place the items you’d really like there. Then let        your husband know what you’ve done. (Repeat Step 1.)  Write                out  the directions to the website and  what to click on once he’s          there.

6.   Sheila at To Love, Honor and Vacuum has gift and stocking                          stuffer ideas for wives. You may text or email him this link.

If Buying Gifts is Financially Challenging

  • Money or no money, this is a great one to try. College student newlyweds had no extra funds to buy gifts. What they decided to do was to cut out a picture of what they’d buy each other if money –no matter the cost—was available. They had so much fun doing this, they still consider this as being one of their best Christmases ever.
  • Dennis’ favorite gifts I’ve given him are those I’ve made myself. Some of these ideas will be in another post.

If you have ideas that make gift-giving easier for your spouse, will you please leave a comment?  I’ll use your idea in a future post.

You are loved,


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