These Christian Wives Offer Good Sex Advice!

A few weeks back, four blogging gals started a weekly podcast about married sexuality – Sex Chat for Christian Wives.

 As a reader of their blogs, I highly recommend what they have to offer wives in the sex department.

The naked truth about godly sexuality

is the tagline to their message.  Click here to select a podcast.

Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Scott Means from Heaven Made Marriage interviewed these brave women about this new resource. I’m including a small part of it below. To see the complete interview, click here.

What kind of wife would most benefit from what you will be doing in the Sex Chat podcasts?

Christian wives will probably make up the core of our audience, and in some ways we’ll be speaking primarily to them. But we welcome other wives too. We hope that women of other religious backgrounds (or no religious background) who are interested in building great sexual intimacy in their marriages will listen to the podcast. And we hope that women who think that “sex positive Christian marriage” is an oxymoron will listen too! Because the church hasn’t done a very good job of presenting sex in marriage as a great thing, especially for wives, and we hope to play a small part in changing that.

How can wives expect to benefit from your podcasts? What impact would it have on their marriage?

We’re hoping to change the game by playing offense. Christians and the church have tended to play defense when it comes to sex – by focusing heavily on “don’t do this and don’t do that” – but we’re going to play offense. We’re going to encourage women to embrace their sexuality, learn to enjoy sex and build deep emotional intimacy in their marriages. And we’re going to make it clear that God’s design for marriage is that both the wife and husband enjoy a fabulous sex life!

I urge y’all to check out this valuable resource.

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