Jesus Cleans Up Our Messes

Along with wrinkles, I have a character flaw that appears to worsen with age.

I am impetuous—impulsive, hasty, acting quickly and without consideration.  I am liable to act or speak without thinking of its consequences.

God is dealing strongly with me about this not-so-godly quality of mine.  Hoping for encouragement from husband, Dennis, I shared what the Spirit of God was revealing to me.

“Yeah, I see that in you a lot. “ Not the kind of affirmation I was looking for, Honey.

Impetuous Peter

When you need encouragement, the safest place to receive it is from God’s Word. In Luke 22:50,  I saw myself in the action of Simon Peter.

And [Peter*] struck [Malchus*] the servant of the high priest, cutting off his right ear.  *John 18:10

Thank goodness, I haven’t chopped off anyone’s ear. (I did almost chop off my son’s hand, but that’s  to tell another time.)  Yet this rash action by Peter brings home the point that impetuousness is a quality none of us  want to be known for.

Walk with me through Luke’s account of Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane:

Jesus has just been sweating blood from the intense spiritual battle He fought in prayer in the Garden. Then He had received the kiss of betrayal from a friend. He was facing the prospect of the Cross and three days in the grave. Now because of Peter’s impetuous, unauthorized behavior, Jesus had to put everything on hold for a moment so He could step forward and fix the mess Peter had created!

As blood poured from Malachus’ head and dripped from the blade Peter held in his hand, Jesus asked the soldiers, “ Let me just do one more thing before you take Me.” Then Jesus reached out to Malchus and ….touched his ear, and healed him.” Rather than allow Himself to be taken away while Peter was still subject to arrest, imprisionment, and possible execution, Jesus stopped the entire process to fix the mess Peter made that night. ~ Rick Renner


Why would Peter think Jesus needed his help? Jesus didn’t request Peter’s intervention. Impetuous Peter jumped right in the middle of God’s business and tried to create a revolt.

Jesus thought rationally. He knew He just couldn’t leave Peter alone in his self-created mess. Sweet Jesus stopped everything to intervene on behalf of his beloved mess maker.

Do you suffer from impetuous messes that you’ve created?

The Easter message is this:  JESUS FIXED OUR MESS ON THE CROSS.

 The mess we’ve made with our lives.

The mess we’ve made with our actions.

The shameful mess we’ve made with our past.

Jesus intervened on our behalf and fixed our mess.

He did it rationally,




Because Jesus loves us too much to leave us in the mess we create for ourselves, He wants us to heed these words:

 Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.

Lord Jesus, I am so thankful for the many times You have stepped into my life to clean up the messes I’ve created by myself. Had I been more patient and waited on You, I could have avoided the problems that stole my time, my thoughts, my energies, and my money. Forgive me for being impetuous, and help me learn to wait on You.


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