You Are Not Invisible–Just Hidden

Waiting at stoplights can be a trial in patience. Especially when you’re in a hurry. How many times have I waited for the left turn signal, only to be ignored as the green light switches in favor of the ongoing traffic?

Am I Invisible?

Waiting is hard. But it’s even worse when you are overlooked and feel unnoticed.

When Dennis and I entered this latest season of waiting, I said many times “It’s like no one can see us.  We are invisible!”

Do you ever feel invisible?

Waiting on the Lord is the most difficult [waiting] of all. Waiting for His promise to be fulfilled, for my prayer to be answered, for a door to open…His delays can seem so tedious.                              ~ Anne Graham Lotz

When we feel unseen to God and to others, we may believe the lying voice of satan, our enemy.

The Lie –“I’m Invisible”

I’m Forgotten.

I’m Forsaken.

I’m all alone.

I’m not good enough.

God has favorites.

No one cares about me.

I’m not loved.

I don’t matter.

A woman named Hagar felt this way.  In Genesis 16, her story tells us why she felt invisible.

Sarai was given a promise by God that she would have a son. She waited and waited. Sarai felt ignored when her desire to be a mother was delayed. To help God out, she gave her handmaiden, Hagar, to husband Abram.

Impatient, wasn’t she?

Hagar’s pregnancy was such a disappointment to Sarai that she began to take her jealousy out on her maid servant.  Hagar struggled with such feelings of abandonment, loneliness and fear she ran away.

In her distress, Hagar was found by God beside a spring in the desert. She cried out

“You’re the God who sees me! “Yes! He saw me; and then I saw him!”

Hagar listened to God’s voice of truth and knew she was seen. The “God Who Sees” saw her with understanding and compassion.

Why, God, Why?

As this waiting season went on and on for Dennis and me, my “When, God, When?” segued into “Why, God, Why?” I heard Him whisper,

“You’re not invisible. I see you. You are HIDDEN.”

Hidden by the God Who Sees.

I am seen.

Let’s contrast the words Invisible and Hidden.  I’m Invisible gives off thoughts that speak depression, self-pity and negativity.

 I’m HIDDEN makes me think of a mama bird with her baby chicks. Safety. Love. Sheltered.

God’s voice of truth tells me:

The Truth–“I’m Hidden”

I am loved.

I am accepted.

I am protected.

I am secure.

I am favored.

I am covered.

I am sheltered.

Jesus tells me I am hidden in Him. Psalm 91 is a favorite scripture portion for me, so I’ve personalized it with bold references of how I understand what it means to be hidden:

I live under the protection
    of God Most High
    and stay in the shadow
    of God All-Powerful.

 I will say to the Lord,
“You are my fortress,
    my place of safety;
    you are my God,
    and I trust you.”

 The Lord will keep me safe
from secret traps
    and deadly diseases.
 He will spread his wings
over me
    and keep me secure.
    His faithfulness is like
    a shield.

 The temptation to turn left on red at the stop light (even if it is safe to do so), is  not wise.  We must guard ourselves against the temptation to take matters into our own hands or run ahead of God when waiting for Him to act.  Acting impatiently is risky and may result in delay, disappointment and even disaster.

While you are waiting for God to act, which voice will you believe?

Believe God’s truth that you are hidden. Because you are!


I highly recommend Anne Graham Lotz’s bible study on Waiting.

Photo credit: Larm


  1. Monica Aleixo

    This is truly the hardest thing to do, waiting on the Lord. I have on many occasions taking things into my own hands to my detriment. I’m still learning, but I do believe that waiting on God is the wisest decision I can make. Thank you Debbie for reminding me of this today.


  2. Susan Zollmann

    Thank you, Debbie, for applying the Balm of Gilead to some chafed spots on my soul. I appreciate you <3. Thanks for ministering to us through your talent of writing.

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