Play and Pray Together

Play and Pray–Pray and Play

How H-O-P-E-F-U-L is your marriage? When was the last time you had a play date with your spouse?

We’ve been addressing the seven practices of long, lasting marriages using the acrostic HOPEFUL. This week we will look at the letter


 Play and pray together.

 A family who prays together, stays together.

A study conducted by the University of Virginia has found that prayer leads to intimacy and helps couples get closer.

In our long marriage, we’ve made a practice of both.

Play together.

Studies show that married couples actually experience the best sex.  One night stands cannot come close to the joys and delights of knowing someone for  20, 30, 40+ years

3 Ways to Play

1.    Date nights

Having regular date nights were priorities for us. As a stay-at-home mom, it was my lifeline. Fortunately, Dennis saw the needed adult time, without children, for short bursts of time.

The benefits of dates:
  • Reinforced we were a couple first–parents second.
  • Singled out time alone just the two of us.
  • Gave us something to look forward to (that didn’t include kids, work or routine).

Sometimes our date nights were trips to Wal-Mart. And we all know shopping is so much easier without kids! But we were together (which was important to me), and we were accomplishing something (which was important to Husband).

Ruth at Awaken-Love has an idea for planning date nights that is on my to-do-soon list.

2.    Get-aways

At least once every 6 months, we took a 24-hour time away.

A survey done by the U.S. Travel Association has found that couples who travel together have better relationships — and better sex — than those who don’t. The survey also showed:

  • A weekend getaway is more likely to spark romance in marriage relationship than a gift. Of the 1,100 S. adults surveyed, 72% think traveling inspires romance.
  • Traveling couples say they have a good sex life, compared with 63% of couples who don’t travel together. Their sex life actually improved after traveling together. Of those couples, 40% say the improvement was permanent.
  • Traveling together promotes longevity in the marriage relationship.

When you’re away all of a sudden [you’re kid-free],  the e-mails don’t happen, neighbors don’t knock on the door, and the dog doesn’t have to be walked, and you get to spend more time together ~  Roger Dow, president of the U.S. Travel Association.

3.    Marriage Vacations.

As a military family, we were blessed to have willing parents who would keep our children when they came to visit or during the summer. It was a win-win. The kids and grandparents had special time. Dennis and I had a VERY special time.

If you have children, marriage vacations give them an important message that your marriage matters and is treated with importance and respect in terms of time, money, commitment and focus. ~Dr. Michelle Gannon

And wait until you experience vacation sex!  *Smile* * happy face* *heart heart*

Pray together.

God wants your marriage to succeed. When we talk to Him together, it brings us hope. Praying together is unifying. As a wife, I feel secure when Dennis prays with me.

Prayer tips:
  • A short, simple, sincere prayer has great power(James 5:16 )
  • Avoid correcting your spouse when they are praying. You are talking to God, not to them.
  • Invite God into your marriage bed. He’s your biggest cheerleader,
  • Read 8 benefits of praying with your spouse here.
  • If you struggle in this area, pray the Lord’s Prayer together. It is only 21 seconds long, but covers every need your marriage has.

I am H-o-P-e-f-u-l you will practice Playing and Praying together this week.

Have a listen to our message on the first three practices for a long, lasting marriage below.

You are loved,


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