Happy Little Moments of Gratitude

Practice Gratitude with Happy Little Moments

Practicing gratitude can begin by celebrating Happy Little Moments. Those moments in the day that make you smile. That catch you by surprise. That give way to childlike awe and wonder.

Have any of  these moments?

Look-out for Happy Little Moments

Barbara Huning’s (out of print) journal , 30 Days to a Grateful Heart has given me many ideas about practicing gratitude, such as this one:

Today, when you go about your day, be on the look-out for happy little moments.

When you notice one of these simple little pleasures, stop for a moment and really drink it in. Breathe in, and let the happy little moment fill you. Feel yourself brimming with this tiny piece of happiness. Something that happens in three seconds can fill you up, and you can ride on that little wave of happiness for a long time. The happy little moments of life can be a powerful source of good feelings when you really appreciate them.

I’m an early riser. Most mornings I watch the sunrise –from the gloaming period –all the way to its complete rising above the trees.

Find a way to practice snippets of gratitude

A few years ago, Dennis and I were in  what I describe as a holding pattern while caring for his ailing parents. We were 3,000 miles away from our own home and familiar surroundings. I felt isolated, confined and out of place. 

With great effort, I decided to start practicing snippets of gratitude by  searching for happy little moments (HLM).

I started having my quiet time facing the living room window, as the gloaming gave way to sunrise. Watching the sky turn purple,  to red, to pink as the glorious sun rose above the rooftops made my heart sing.

When morning gilds the skies my heart awaking cries: May Jesus Christ be praised!

Most days were hard. My mother-in-law was in the middle stages of dementia and could be difficult. Yet, when she’d say or do something hilarious, I’d get a good belly laugh.

Now that she appears to be in the final stages of dementia, I am thankful to have been available to serve my parents-in-law during that season. Practicing gratitude by looking for HLMs, saved my sanity.

What are some of your Happy Little Moments? What makes your heart do a happy dance? (like Snoopy)

Puppies or kittens at play.

Laughter of children.

Smelling a fragrant flower.

Fresh air after the rain.

Clean sheets.

Walks on the beach.

Delighting in a sunset (or sunrise).

Practice Gratitude for Three Seconds

When something catches you by surprise and makes you smile, follow Huning’s advice:

  • Stop.
  • Really drink it in.
  • Breathe in and let the happy moment fill you.
  • Allow yourself to brim with this tiny piece of happiness.
  • Ride on the wave of happiness.
  • All in about three seconds.

Here’s a Happy Song  to go with that  happy dance as you celebrate a Happy Little Moment.

Consider these happy moments a gift from the One Who loves and cares for you.

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from  {God} above…


How might you practice gratitude?
What Happy Little Moments will you be on the look out for today?
If you are having difficulty identifying a HLM, what in the past has sparked joy?  Where is your happy place?



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