Prayer of Protection


This was first published in 2015, but with the current Coronavirus scare the truth in this post is very much needed today.  Don’t Panic….

These are scary times.

It’s as if the headlines are authored by Old Testament prophets such as Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel or Joel.

Plagues and disease once only heard of in faraway lands are now in our neck of the woods.

Then there’s tornadoes. Hurricanes. Wildfires.


Wars….And rumors of wars.

Panic wants to grip parents when we fear our children are at risk. It is our job to protect and defend them from bad things.

How can we protect them?

Jesus tells us in Matthew 24:6, “Don’t panic!”

In times of danger Dennis and I have found a secure  Source of protection. When we want to push the PANIC Button and scream our way through a crisis we follow God’s plan.

 Psalm 91, God’s Plan for Your Protection.

As young parents, we discovered a teaching on this  scripture by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.  It has become a regular family declaration.

 God will cover you with His feathers

When our sons were preschool and elementary school age,   a pack of wild dogs was spotted  in our Nebraska neighborhood.  Although I walked our 2nd grader to the nearby school, his safety on the playground was a concern.

As it  was our daily practice to pray over our children before they left for school, I thanked God for covering our son with His feathers.   Our first-born quipped,

 “What is God going to do, rain feathers from the sky?”

Personally, I believe God could do whatever He wants.  He could send feathers, bubblewrap or Teflon.

God is God. He is in control.

During Dennis’ military assignment in Italy, we “sojourners” were required to take the driving class. Due to mountainous, curvy roads and “black ice”, the instructors warned,  “it’s not IF you are in an accident, it’s WHEN.

Ordinarily, those words would have seized me with fear. But, I remembered the verse that says a “curse without a cause shall not alight and inwardly rebutted,  I will NOT receive that curse *thank you very much.*

The narrow roads we traveled daily could be treacherous,  but  we believed God’s plan of protection and prayed Psalm 91. We kept a small Bible in our glove compartment so we could read it before traveling.

Back in our homeland three years later, we rejoiced that God’s “feathers” had protected us on every side.  This prayer of protection  is my favorite paraphrase of this scripture.


Father, I pray a hedge of protection around me and my family.  I know that You will set a wall of fire around us that no harm can penetrate.  Thank you for setting your angels around us.  Lord, I know that because we abide under your shadow, You are our fortress and our place of refuge.  You cover us in your wings of protection. 

 We are not afraid of the terror by night or any fiery dart that satan can throw.  Because you are our refuge, we know that no evil shall befall us, no accident will overtake us, and no plague or calamity shall come near us.  You give your angels charge over us and keep us in all your ways.

 God, because you’ve set your love upon this family, I am certain that you will deliver us from all evil.  You will answer us, be with us in times of trouble, and satisfy us with long life.

 I praise you, Father, because you are continuing to show me and my family salvation each and every day! I will not look to the future with fear. I will concentrate on the present with faith and fulfill your plan for my life! 

 What do you fear?  What makes you afraid?

Meditate on Psalm 91.  Note how many times God promises “I WILL.”

Whenever fear or panic tries to befriend you, run to the secret place.  Hide beneath the shadow of His wings. Trust God’s plan of protection.

Do you believe He can rain feathers from the sky?


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