Everything We Want You to Know About Sex (but won’t tell you here)

Writing about sex can be tricky.

Especially in blogs.

As part of our marriage workshops, Dennis and I offer a For Women Only and For Men Only sessions. No question or topic about intimacy is taboo.

It is  what we’d looooovvvveee to write about here but feel better leaving it to those whose primary mission is to inform and educate married couples about marriage bed antics.

We’ve thought about writing on certain topics and posting anonymously.

But why reinvent the wheel?

The blogs we recommend below are ones we read, practice, and refer on to couples we counsel.

Below are Christian marriage sites we are pleased to recommend.

  • Parker at Hot, Holy and Humorous  began her blog anonymously, but recently took off the cloak of anonymity. The blog is entitled thus because

    I believe those are three things a healthy, godly marriage bed have — hot passion, holy purpose, and a great sense of humor.

  • Sheila of To Love Honor and Vacuum is known for her         controversial posts.  Check out her popular Facebook page.
  • Paul and Lori have been offering scripturally based, scientifically   accurate information on sexuality since 1997.  Meet them over at The Marriage Bed.   
  •  You’ll be surprised to learn there is a site called Christian Sex  Class.  Ruth Buezis shares:

    God created sex that we might know” each other, and when we are completely present and engage all of our senses, it never gets boring. Sex restores us, it refreshes us, and it is a picture of the intimacy that God wants with us.

  • Pax the Cumudgeonly Librarian, tells us:

    Most of what I will post will probably deal with love, marriage and intimacy from a Christian perspective, and without apology.

    I would call this a man’s man kind of blog!

  • There are some sites we recommend to those we coach, but prefer not to post them here. In lieu of this, we are providing the link to Christian Marriage Bloggers Association (CMBA) which list several marriage bloggers (including Make Us One). Click on “M-R.”  Hint: Notice those that say “posting anonymously.”
Marriage is a playground God provides for us to grow and play.

Your marriage is a playground. The fence around the playground is the collection of guidelines that God has given us about sex. What happens on your marriage playground is about your choices and preferences as a couple. It’s perfectly safe and you can be sexual and have creative fun with your husband. ~ The Generous Wife

 And there is always something to discover in the marriage bed. *smile* After all, marital sex is all God’s idea.

And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed or embarrassed. Genesis 2:25

This is one of our favorite scriptures concerning marital sex.  Notice these newlyweds (literally)had no clothes on. Yet they were not ashamed or embarrassed by their nudity.

With our southern accents naked comes out  “neck-ked .”  So, go ahead.  Check out the sites above and get neck-ked with the one your soul loves.

You are loved,







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