Richer Than You Think

Rich Person's Problem
Rich Person’s Problem

I bet you don’t realize how rich you really are. Yes, you are richer than you think. Let me explain…

Do you hate waiting  as much as I do? In line at the supermarket.  Traffic signals. Drive-throughs. Doctor’s offices or emergency rooms.  Waiting for coffee to brew or for popcorn  in the microwave.

Andy Stanley calls these inconvenient annoyances  a —

Rich Person’s Problem

What do these minor annoyances have to do with being rich?  To give you a different perspective of how much better you fare financially compared to the rest of the world, check out Global Rich List.

Did you know the median income in the U.S. is $50,000?  In one hour, anyone earning this income makes $26.04 an hour, whereas the average laborer in Indonesia earn 39 cents an hour. For what you earn in a year at this amount, an Indonesia laborer has to work 67 years to earn that much.

If you think only average, uneducated laborers don’t fare well globally, this U.S. median monthly income could pay 218 doctors in Azerbaijan.

Even if your annual income is less than the median,still  by the world’s standard, you are rich.  If you earn $20,000/year, your monthly income could pay the monthly salaries of 87 doctors in Kyrgyzstan.

 Feeling a little richer?

Recently, Dennis and I were a part of a ministry training school that impacted us significantly . Fellow trainees were individuals who’d walked away from their lucrative careers, left family and homelands to follow Christ’s call.  This community of Christ-followers spanned all ages, ethnic groups and vocations.

Our commonality is that we are all choosing to live by faith, not knowing where God is leading us next. It’s a journey of trust and expectation.

What an adventure.

Two young women trainees were missionaries from a third world country. Contrasting  the smelly, filthy latrines to which they were accustomed,  to the luxurious “lovely bathrooms” of  America gave them much appreciation for what we take for granted.

Would you ever consider a clogged toilet a rich person’s problem?

We have running water and hot showers. Many third world countries don’t even have clean water to bathe in, much less to drink.

Slow internet connection. Poor cell phone service.  An empty spot on the Walmart shelf where your favorite peanut butter should be.

Annoying, yes.

But it really is a —

Rich Person’s Problem.

Practicing the simple life has me rethinking my stuff.  Too much of it.  In our closets, cabinets, and shelves throughout our house. Dust collectors, I call ’em.

I want to downsize. Dare I venture into minimalist living?

A young couple we admire purposely live in small spaces. Although they are well able to afford larger quarters, they choose to live simply, minimally, clutter-free. Every bit of their “stuff” serves a purpose.

A couple at this school I mentioned sold their home and their possessions to follow God’s call .Their home is wherever they place their pillow, they said.

As they told us their story, I put my fingers in my ears singing “lalala” because I didn’t want to hear anymore.

How simple can my life be? What if God really wanted me to live that simply?

A wise spiritual mother assured us that God has a different call and grace on each of us. What He asks of one, she said,  is not the same of what He asks of another.

And whatever purpose God has in mind for you, He will always gives you the “want to.”

 * Whew*

We find ourselves in temporary small quarters a lot these days, discovering how little we actually need.

It’s not that I wouldn’t forsake all to follow Jesus (including my pillow), but I’d like a place to come “home” to after traversing the globe for Him.

I want my heart to be in the right place. I don’t want to hoard all my treasure here.  I want to be as Jesus said in Matthew 6:21: The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.

If I practice simplicity in the small things, like downsizing, decluttering, and sharing what resources I do have with others,   I believe God’s grace will enable me to let go of all He wants me to release to Him.

And I trust Him to give me the “want to” when the time comes.

When you face waiting in a line that stretches all the way to China, or get aggravated at the slow internet connection (maybe even saying some choice words to your PC ), or see gas prices escalating–  try a new perspective…..

Remember: It’s a rich person’s problem.

You are, in fact, richer than you think.

You are loved,



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