“You’re not the Boss of Me” ~ God

It is cute when a small child tells a playmate, You’re not the boss of me. But have you ever tried to tell God how to be God?

Three ways we try to boss God

  1.  Change my spouse, O God!

To avoid pain, it is easier to ask God to change my spouse. Make him love me better. Make him understand me. Change his attitude.

I’ve tried that.

You know what my loving Father said?

Hey! I’m talking to you, girl. You’re the one who needs to change. Allow Me to search your heart and change YOU.

So much for avoiding pain.

Pastor John Gray, associate pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, thinks God uses marriage to kill us.  Watch as he shares what happens when God’s trying to kill you here.

  1. This is how I think You should do it, God.

To protect ourselves, our marriage and our family, we like to tell God just how He should answer our prayer.

God, if she’d stop spending money, we could get out of debt. If she’d give me more sex, I’d treat her like a princess. If I win the lottery, I could give so much to the church.

What we call prayers are actually demands we expect God to hear and answer.  I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with telling God how to improve His sovereignty.

 Once when I was dictating my how you should do this, Lord  list, I heard this holy reprimand loud and clear:

You are MY child, not My parent.  ~ God

I could almost see Him making a goofy face and sing-songing  “You’re not the boss of me!”

  1. Move over, God. I’m taking over.

It is obvious You really could use my help.

When God isn’t answering our prayer soon enough or the way we think He should, we think we should help Him out.

The Lord spoke very strongly to me about this one day. As I was telling Him how He should correct Dennis, He spoke this to me:

There is no “Help Wanted” sign outside my door. When you fall into the enemy’s trap of thinking I need help, two things are in operation. First, the pride of life mentality of “I know best.” Second, by trying to walk in a role that is not yours, you wear a heavy yoke that was never meant for you to bear.

I ask you to walk with Me, join Me as I place My yoke around you. I will carry the weight of the burden; your only responsibility is to walk beside Me. Allow Me to lead the way. After all, I AM and I know best.

 And to this day, when I try to help Him out, I hear

“I’m not hiring.”

Oh, Lord, I am so wrong to want to boss and control You.  Forgive me for wanting your job and thinking I can manage the universe more efficiently. Thank you that You are omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. You are the Great I AM, and I am not.  Amen.

You are loved,



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  1. Monica Aleixo

    I love this post Debbie. I’ve been there and done that. I’ve grown a bit and Jose has too. God is so merciful and patient with all of us.

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