What We Offer

As Christian Marriage Coaches serving the San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria areas, we offer Christian marriage & individual coaching to folks like you − people in crisis situations and those desiring a more healthy, confident, productive, and hope infused life.

What you can expect:

  • A bright future with premarital coaching
  • Peaceful relationships through conflict resolution
  • A new beginning through reconciliation
  • Restored intimacy with new communication skills
  • Financial freedom through money management
  • Hope when coping with grief and loss
  • A stronger family when raising rebellious teens
  • Calm when dealing with military family stresses
  • Freedom from demonic oppression
  • Confidence when facing parenting issues
  • Healing from emotional wounds
  • Courage to overcome personal heartache

As pastoral counselors we bring years of experience to the table. In over 40 years of marriage we’ve walked through the death of a child, significant teen rebellion, ADHD, the stresses of 22 years of military service, and … we’ve remained committed to one another in a passionate love affair.

Make Us One Christian Marriage Counseling - What We Offer
We’ll help you get back on the right path.

To understand your unique needs, we use a biblical based format with tools such as Prepare-Enrich — a customized couple assessment to help define your strengths and weakness as a couple.

Coaching sessions are then designed around the skills needed to grow in intimacy together.

Our specialty is ministry to deep soul wounds and spirit hurts through Restoring the Foundations, a Holy Spirit led healing program.

Do you want to learn to cope with life’s difficulties? We’ll coach you through the rough seasons of life.

Do you want to strengthen an already good marriage? We offer tools to enrich, fortify, and enhance your relationship.

What does it cost?

What has it cost you to get to the place you are today? Probably a lot of heartache, time, and money.

Healing and growth will cost you time and money too. We know … not fun. Yet, taking responsibility is part of your healing, which is where time and money come in.

Sessions are 60 minutes each and based upon your personal needs.

Cost is $75.00 per session and payable by check, cash or Venmo at the time of your appointment. We do not take insurance.

Call today to schedule an appointment

Call us today. We’ll get you back on track with the life God has planned for you.

If we are unable to answer the phone, leave a clear message and your phone number. We’ll contact you shortly.  Or contact us by email. Phone number: (805) 268-3853.

Christian Marriage Coaching via a class

Previously held Christian Marriage Coaching via classes:

  • Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage
  • Sexy Christians
  • The Art of Marriage
  • The Five Sex Needs of Men and Women
  • Praying Circles Around Your Marriage
  • Awaken Love for Wives

Call us to schedule a marriage seminar.

We are honored to be able to recommend the ministry of Dennis & Debbie Jordan, specifically as a Restoring the Foundations Healing House Ministry Team.

We have known them for a number of years, and have ministered with them in Restoring the Foundations Ministry.

Dennis and Debbie have a depth of ministry experience, and love to co-labor with God to see His children set free to fulfill their destinies.

They demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives as well as in their ministry. We highly commend them to you without reservation. – Ken & Ginger Steggall, Southwind Ministries, Inc.